Metrarc is an early stage Company developing a unique and much needed security technology platform for overcoming the serious limitations present in current secure encryption technology. The Company is headquartered in Cambridge UK with research and development facilities at the University of Essex and the University of Kent.

The digital revolution has transformed the way we create, destroy, share, process and manage information, and has brought many benefits which businesses, governments and consumers have become dependent upon. However, digital technology has also increased the opportunity for fraud and other related crimes; therefore it is vital to ensure the integrity and authenticity of such digital systems. Widespread adoption of encryption technology is seen, by most, as the solution to digital security problems, although in practice, established encryption systems are limited by their reliance on the storage of the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data as this is potentially inefficient and insecure. Metrarc’s technology has a additional level of security as there is no requirement to store encryption keys or any other encryption data.