Our SecureIoT™ technology directly generates of digital signatures extracted from ICMetric samples which characterise the identity of the IoT sensor or device. The  system has the following significant advantages:-

  • The removal of the need to store any form of template for validating the device, hence directly addressing the major weakness that the feature templates are accessed and used to circumvent the security afforded by the system.
  • The security of the system is as strong as the ICmetric and encryption algorithm employed (there is no back door).
  • Tampering with the constitution of a software associted with the device will cause its behaviour to change, changing the ICMetric, which will prevent its further utilisation.
  • The removal of the need for the storage of the private key associated with the digital signature or encryption system. This is a natural consequence of the system since the key will be uniquely associated with the given ICMetric sample and a further ICMetric sample may be used to regenerate the required private key.

This innovation is significant for IoT:

  • Secure communication from IoT sensor devices via direct generation of digital signatures and encryption keys from internal behaviour of software and hardware of the IoT device – No key or device template storage
  • Prevention of unauthorised access to embedded and distributed devices that are increasing connected wirelessly.
  • Prevention of fraudulent cloning or imitation of a device in order to compromise its identity and subsequent communication.
  • Implicit detection of tampering of the software or hardware associated with the device via inclusion of spyware or similar virus software since this will implicitly cause the digital signature to vary.