Defender™ is more than just a password manager and data vault. It is used to store all your data securely on a smartphone or tablet. Defender™ offers the ultimate level of protection, by combining ICMetrics™ enhanced security with 256-bit AES encryption, it generates the key used for the encryption using a revolutionary technique based on the characteristics of YOUR actual device and does not require this key be stored anywhere.

Uniquely, ICMetrics™ binds the confidential information that you store in this App to only your device. This eliminates the Achilles heel of traditional encryption methods, where stored keys are a security risk.

ULTRA secure:

The most secure App in the App Store for protecting data, here’s why:

  • Uses leading industry-standard secure AES 256-bit encryption to secure your
    data without storing the encryption key.
  • Uses two-factor authentication combining log-in credentials with hardware metrics. Losing your passcode to log-in to the App does not compromise your data.
  • Your credentials are not stored anywhere on the device, hence they can not be stolen from the device.
  • The cryptographic operations use standard iOS/Android libraries to ensure no security gaps or backdoors. Confidential data is stored using our own custom data store that shields the user from Apple & Android’s data stores and protects
    the user from operating systems updates and makes it future-proof.


  • Save an unlimited amount of personal data including bank details, credit card information, PINs, usernames, passwords and more.
  • Generate secure, unguessable passwords for any account at the touch of a button.
  • Sensitive fields are optionally masked from prying eyes.
  • Live URLs that launch websites you know without dangers of phishing emails or typing errors taking you elsewhere.
  • Choose from a selection of secure login (including TouchID) methods for protecting access to the App.
  • Choose from over 20 templates, or create your own, to easily and quickly record your data.
  • Pre-defined field types allow quick field creation whilst reducing the risk of
    wasted time due to input errors.
  • Import existing data to your new device, or export data from an old device quickly and safely.
  • Manage data with the touch of a button to copy, move, edit, or delete.
  • Copy and paste passwords for ease of use and ability to clear clipboard with one click to protect your passwords.
  • Monitor access: the login report shows when the app was accessed, be it successfully or unsuccessfully.

Easy Access:

  • Protect all your passwords behind one password, with two-factor authentication handled seamlessly.
  • Support for choice of login methods for ease-of-use entry.
  • Customizable file structure allows data to be organized to be exactly how and where you want it.
  • Quick and easily access your data and your log-in details, without introducing a potential security hole, using a recovery phrase paired with Shamir Secret Sharing technology.

DESIGNED specifically for iOS and Android, the ICMetrics Password Defender™ is continually being developed to improve security, ease-of-use, and privacy in an effort to bring you the best password defender around.

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