Cambridge Head Office Opened

Cambridge, United Kingdom, January 2015.

Metrarc announced today that it has open its head office at the ideaSpace in the heart of Cambridge. As part of the University of Cambridge, ideaSpace is home to the best high impact new ventures and entrepreneurs in the East of England. Metrarc will use this facility to act as a focus for its growing commercial activities and it will compliment the Companies research and development laboratories at the University of Essex and the University of Kent. Metrarc founder Karl Heeks, who will be based there said ‘Cambridge is a good focal point for our up-coming commercial activity as we transition our groundbreaking encryption technology from research and development into the marketplace over the coming years. Access to world-class engineers and other networks will be an important resource for us and this is well served in Cambridge.’

About Metrarc

Cambridge based Metrarc is developing groundbreaking security technology for applications where high levels of security and authentication are important such as Internet of Things (IoT), e and m-commerce and quantified self. Metrarc’s technology for deriving encryption keys directly from the operating characteristics of digital systems without having to store the encryption keys is a technology termed ICMetricsTM. For more information on Metrarc see or contact Dr Karl Heeks at .