Metrarc collaborates with a core partner on EIT DIGITAL project

Cambridge-based Metrarc announced today that it has recently won funding from EIT Digital. This is a leading European digital and entrepreneurial education organization driving Europe’s digital transformation. EIT Digital invests in strategic areas to accelerate the market up-take of research-based digital technologies and focuses on strategic societal challenges such as Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Industry and Digital Infrastructure. The funding will be used in a collaboration between Metrarc and one of the core partners of EIT Digital.

The project’s objectives are to build on Metrarc’s ICMetric™ technology platform to explore features derived from the operation of cloud-based systems and determine an appropriate feature set for utilization with the ICMetric technology. It is then envisaged that a proof-of-concept demonstrator will be built to clearly show the potential of the system for providing for the identity assurance of cloud-based services that may be integrated into one of the core partners cloud service store.

The analysis of ICMetric feature data for use in the cloud system will develop practical approaches for enhancing the security of the a core partner’s cloud service. Dr Gareth Howells Metrarc’s CTO said ‘we have developed some novel techniques which enables the use of our key-less ICMetrics™ technology originally developed for mobile devices and IoT systems in a cloud environment.’ Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier, Metrarc CEO, went on ‘we plan to integrate our demonstrator with the Docker platform within the cloud service of one of the core partners or via a dedicated App, this will show potential users the effectiveness of ICMetric-based techniques for cloud services and will form a practical implementation which, we believe, will be exploitable.’

Metrarc co-founder Karl Heeks commented ‘the primary objective of this project is to undertake a development project which will build on Metrarc’s ICMetric technology for operation on securing Docker containerization. We are delighted to be collaborating within the EIT Digital programme and believe that this will extend our technology use in cloud-based applications which will burgeon over the next few years.’